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A Little History

The coming of the railroad to Staunton in 1854 transformed the community from a rural village into a center of commerce. The surrounding commercial district became known as “The Wharf”, due to the trains that pulled onto sidings and loaded their wares directly into the warehouse (still standing across Middlebrook Avenue) via gangplanks.
At the turn of the century a major train derailment demolished the existing train station. Local architect T.J. Collins designed a new structure that was erected in 1902. The C&O Train Station was in use into the 1960′s, when it was essentially abandoned. The property was renovated in 1989 with technical assistance from the Historic Staunton Foundation. Today the train station and surrounding area are once again a hub of economic activity, giving living proof to the local wisdom that our future lies in the past.
@ Our Beautiful Bar The forty-plus foot bar gracing the Depot Grille was originally a fixture in the luxury Ten Eyck Hotel, located in Albany, New York. Legend has it that the Ten Eyck was the official Republican Party headquarters for that State Capitol.
A postcard from 1921, brought to us by a customer, refers to the Ten Eyck as “the finest hotel in Albany”. The 1947 Albany city directory included a full page ad for the hotel that boasted of “circulating ice water in every room” and two restaurants. By the mid-fifties, the hotel had become part of the Sheraton Chain. The bar was saved intact prior to the demolition of the hotel and transported to Staunton for inclusion in the restoration of the Train Station.

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