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The Depot Grille

10 Ninth Street
Lynchburg, VA 24504
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The Depot Grille welcomes applications between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 pm.


About The Restaurant

With the Staunton location enjoying great success, Lynchburg’s historic riverfront is the perfect location for the second Depot Grille. The large open dining area flooded with natural light is the ideal environment for a casual business lunch. The regular passing of trains just outside provides a wonderful treat for the kids. And the well-rounded menu of superbly cooked dishes is a treat for a family night out or impressing business clients.
The Kitchen

Our kitchen can be seen through the back windows of the dining room. Built in the 1960s, these two Georgia Northern Railroad freight cars were fully functional until their transformation. They were purchased in Marietta, Georgia where one had to have its brakes replaced specifically for the move to Lynchburg. After being lifted by cranes from the railroad tracks to the back of the building, they were converted to The Depot Grille’s kitchen.

The Dining Area

The booths are actually church pews from Grace Evangelical and Congregational Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The church was established in 1906 and has since been made into an antique store.

The Back Bar

Our back bar is from a pharmacy in Edinburg, Virginia. A local legend persists that a stray bullet shattered the original mirror during an attempted bank robbery by none other than Frank and Jesse James who decided to rob the bank next door to the pharmacy on their way back to Missouri after the Civil War

N&W Room

A small private dining room within the Depot Grille decorated with antique railroad prints. This space is available for both lunch and dinner – It is ideal for a lunch or dinner meeting which requires privacy or intimacy. The recommended capacity for this room is 12 people or less. 

Model Train

About the Model train on display at the Depot:

Many of our guests comment on the beautiful hand built model train on display here.

Mr. Fred Reburn

has built twenty two models since 1985 and has kindly agreed to display his collection – Fred, who retired from the N&W after thirty two years, crafts each model from various wood over many hours. His choice of wood is interesting as Fred had a near fatal accident on Percival’s Island when he was impaled by a tree while riding on the footplate of a locomotive in 1979. Special thanks to Fred for sharing these unique models with us!


Lynchburg Living's

7th Annual "Best of" award winner for

Best Place for Business Lunch

3rd place

Best Burger

Thanks to all for voting for us!



Monday Night

Every monday night have all you can eat baby backs for $16.95. That's dinner with two sides and a salad THEN reorder ribs on us! The fine print = no sharing or take out.